Introducing Personal Best, the first ever book dedicated
entirely to the sport of Strongman.

Are you bored with your current weight lifting routine?
Do you seek a new and exciting way to lift weights, both in the gym and outdoors?
Are you thoroughly impressed with such feats of strength as truck pulling, stone lifting and overhead log pressing?
Thought that only superhuman giants can perform such feats? Not any more!

If you've always wanted to get into Strongman style training but never knew how, now is your chance. With over 600 pages and over 400 photos, this book contains everything you need to know from the beginner stages of weight training to advanced contest preparation for the strongman athlete. Supplementary exercises, routines for the beginner, intermediate and advanced strongman athletes, as well as over a dozen strongman events are explained in full. Also included is information on strongman equipment, training gear, diet, supplements, contest preparation, a huge chapter on grip training and much more. This book is a must-have for anyone getting involved in the sport, as well as those already involved who want to advance their training.

I also include lots of information on positive thinking, visualizing your own success in the lifting, as well as advice and comments from other experts. Strongman is just as much a mentally challenging sport as it is physically challenging. This book prepares you to be your best by giving you all the tools you need to succeed in this sport. I spent over 14 months carefully preparing this book. Nothing is left out! You will not find another reference manual on the market that even comes close to covering what is included in this book. Think your lifting regimen is complete? Not until you have read this book!

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