New Revolution Wrestling - July 27, 2007

Tod Ruhl takes on CW Bergstrom.

The shove off after yet another lockup.

Tod slams CW's head on the turnbuckle multiple times.

Tod coming in for a spear to CW in the corner.

CW moves out of the way at the last second and Tod is left to run into the turnbuckle!

Unfortunately, CW gains the upper hand while Tod is recovering. He works the shoulder Tod has just rammed in the corner.

There's nothing Tod can do against the cross arm-breaker, and taps out. With Megan Nicole distracting the ref, no one is there to call the three count.

CW wins by DQ, and the PCB's come running in to help Tod beat down on CW.

Results from Friday

New Revolution Wrestling "Final Friday" Results

New Revolution Wrestling returned to the Recreation Center in Gresham Oregon for the last time, on a Friday Night that is, for it's FINAL FRIDAY! Beginning next Sunday NRW moves to Sunday nights Bell Time 5:30.

The opening match saw Cameron Star defeat Christopher Payne. The crowd seemed split between cheering for Star and Payne. At one point in the battle Cameron went for a superplex, however that was reversed by Payne into a sunset bomb off the top rope.! Payne was unable to hold Star for a 3 count and then went to the top rope again for a Frog Splash. Star was able to escape and then set Payne up for a pin to win the match

Match 2 saw the return of Aaron Bolo who had Havoc in his corner. Before the match Havoc said that he and Bolo were in NRW for championship gold. Both men are targeting J-sin Sullivan and the Pacific coast Championship and they are together looking to take the Oregon State Tag Team Title. Bolo's opponent in his return was Cedric The Hitman, who unleashed a wide array of impressive moves to take an early advantage over the former Pacific Coast Champion. However Bolo was able to sustain the punishment and emerge the winner.

Next up two of the Northwest's largest competitors stepped inside the ring, as CW Bergstrom battled Tod Ruhl. In the end it was CW with a cross arm breaker making the strongman tap out. However the ref was unable to see this as Megan Nicole Desire had jumped on the apron. Bergstrom brought Desire into the ring and prepared her for a good old fashioned spanking, before the Pacific Coast Blonds hit the ring. Star, Erik Hanson and Ruhl all layed the boots into Bergstrom. To some degree of surprise Richie Magnet did not make the save here, however Pete Storm hit the ring with an Axe Handle clearing the PCB's and Ruhl, and Desire!.

Match 4 saw the first ever meeting of Caden Mathews and Havoc. This was a great match for any wrestling purist. Both men showed not only great technical skill, but also great sportsmanship. Early on in the match Mathews missed a running shoulder tackle in the corner and hit the post hard. Mathews collapsed out to the floor and instead of capitalizing on the situation Havoc waited for Caden to get back in the ring. However Havoc was relentless on the now injured arm. Mathews began an attack on Havoc's leg, but as the match continued the damage to Caden's arm became obvious as it appeared to be practically useless. In the end Havoc locked on a reverse arm bar and rolled through forcing Mathews to tap out. It is not known when Caden will return to NRW as it appears when he hit the post there was damage done to his clavicle bone, the punishment his arm took obviously did even more damage as Caden spent the rest of the evening at a nearby hospital.

After an extended intermission Match 5 came to the ring as Hearthrob Hanson took on Pete Storm. After last week's interference by Cameron Star, Tod Ruhl and Skag Rollins no one was allowed at ringside for this match. Storm hit the ring ferocious as ever jump starting the match and tossing Hanson from corner to corner. Hanson was finally able to slow the action down and take advantage of the rookie, however in the end Storm won following a running boot to the face.

The final match of the evening saw Richie Magnet challenge J-sin Sullivan in a 1 fall match for the Pacific Coast Championship. Magnet and Sullivan, who are no strangers to one another, battled in and out of the ring in this one. The end came when Richie locked Sullivan in a sleeper. The champion was fading fast when Derek Drexl got on the apron , Magnet brought Drexl into the ring and began choking him in the corner, Sullivan attacked with a splash which took out both Magnet and Derek. Sullivan hit the reverse elbow off the second rope for the 3 count to retain the Pacific Coast Title. After the match Sullivan continued laying the boots to Magnet until Richie's partner CW Bergstrom came to the ring chasing Sullivan off. Bergstrom challenged Sullivan for next week, in a standard two out of three falls match, Sullivan accepted. After Sullivan went back to the dressing room CW said to Magnet "That's how partners watch each others back".

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