I am excited to announce that Personal Best has gone into its fourth printing! Sales have been phenomenal over the past year. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for this book.

~Julie Havelka

The following is taken directly from a book review that appeared in Ironmind's Milo Magazine ©

Generally when I review a book, I read a couple of chapters to get the gist of the subject, then scan the rest...However, I became intrigued [with Personal Best]... and ended up reading it from cover to cover.

Julie presents sound advice in language everyone can understand... She does an excellent job of writing in a simple, effective style.

She covers in depth every [Strongman] event, and there are many more than I realized. If you have ever wanted to know how to correctly perform any of these feats, here's your chance.

Step-by-step programs are presented for all levels of strength athletes and should be valuable to those who are serious about this sport.

This is a neat book and should be a part of every serious strength athlete's collection.

~Bill Starr - Author of two strength training books and book reviewer for Milo © Magazine

A special thanks goes out to Randall Strossen
for his support and interest in Personal Best
and to Bill Starr, for reviewing the book.