The following is feedback from readers of Personal Best

I just received Personal Best in the mail today. I am really surprised by the amount of work Julie has put into it. It is incredible how accessible she has made the sport of Strongman to the general reader. Her work is a real asset to the sport. I will be putting her training suggestions to immediate use.

~Brandon Dishman - Strongman Enthusiast

It's great ... I want to recommend it to my readers.

~Mike Lambert - Editor/Owner of Powerlifting USA Magazine, the most-recognized powerlifting magazine on the market today.

I received the book today. I cannot believe how great it is! I wasn't sure what to expect. I have ordered books on-line in the past with some good and some not-so-good results. But this book is awesome!

~L. Sheffield, Weight lifter and Strongman enthusiast

I have enjoyed the book so far! I am not yet half way done with it, but it has been great so far! Julie did a good job!

~Lisa Martin, Weight-lifting enthusiast

My copy of Personal Best - How to Train for the Sport of Strongman just came in and it is awesome! It is packed with lots of info. I have never seen a book devoted entirely to the sport of strongman. Thanks to Julie Havelka for putting it all together!

~Jason Wands, Competitive Strongman and Powerlifter

For xmas I got Julie Havelka's new book Personal Best - How to Train for the Sport of Strongman. I can't put this book down! It is by far the best book written on strongman. It's full of info for beginners to advanced athletes and it covers everything!

~Dale Norris, Top Ranking British Strongman

I can sum the book up in one word: OUTSTANDING. If you don't have it, you have got to get it. Nice writing Julie.

~Orie Barnett, Strongman

Julie has written one of the most interesting and comprehensive how-to books I have ever read. What most impresses me is the clear and concise writing style. Nothing is left out, however the book is more than just a guide, it is a very personal journey through the sport of Strongman training and competition. Julie's personal insights make it so much more valuable.

This book is really required reading for anyone serious about the sport of Strongman!

~George Parigian Jr., National Level Powerlifter and strength sport enthusiast